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Group Employee Benefits

Your Canadian based company is constantly growing and evolving, with new challenges surfacing every day. So wouldn’t it be nice to make the health of your employee’s one less thing to worry about? Our group employee benefits team offers a range of group life and health services that will not only provide a healthier work environment, you’re also proving your desire to retain and attract valued employees.

Whether you are seeking new coverage or if you have existing group coverage our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing your company with excellent value and service. We are your one stop shop to negotiate on your behalf with multiple group employee benefit insurers across Canada.

Group Employee Benefit Quote

Why work with our Group Employee Benefits team?

  • Save money – Find the best coverage at the best price within your industry, we are focused on your budget and employment benefits
  • Selection – Get access to the majority of Group Employee Benefit Suppliers across Canada all at once
  • Custom Plans – Customize your plan to fit your needs
  • SERVICE – We are committed to excellent customer service

Our Step-By-Step Process:

  1. Data Collection: We will meet you to better understand your company and to gather some important information.
  2. Plan Design: Once we have a better understanding of your company’s needs – we create a plan design that will not only meet your company’s needs now, but also in the future. Your plan design is customized to your company.
  3. Going to Market: Let us do all the legwork – we search out the carriers that we know will offer you the best pricing/value for what you are looking for.
  4. Analysis/Recommendation: Our findings will be analyzed and then presented to you with a recommendation on a plan that best suits your needs.
  5. Implementation: We will take care of submitting all documentation to the insurance carrier and coordinate any further requests.
  6. Staff Presentation: We will come on-site to conduct a seminar for all employees to introduce the benefit of the plan, share useful information on how to use the plan, and answer questions.
  7. Monitoring/Review: We monitor your employee benefit plan on a regular basis and meet with the plan administrator periodically for review to ensure that your plan is running smoothly.

Start Up Plans

A benefits plan for your employees can be simple to set up and designed to suit your needs. Plan types can range from life and health benefits to full plans with disability, critical illness insurance and dental coverage. Plan designs can be as simple or as comprehensive as you need. Employer contributions to a benefits plan are deductible as a business expense and non-taxable to an employee (in most provinces) it can potentially be more valuable than a pay increase.

Top 10 Reasons implement a group employee benefit plan

Building a solid and competitive business starts with your employees. Here are ten reasons why introducing a Group Employee Benefits plan will help your business remain strong.

  1. You get a competitive edge in the job market
  2. You get a cost-effective method of providing employees with coverage for medical/dental bills – protecting employees and their families
  3. You get a tax-deductible business expense
  4. You build morale and enthusiasm among your employees by demonstrating your concern for their well-being
  5. You provide financial protection for your employees and their families
  6. You provide a tax-effective form of compensation to your employees
  7. You help employees alleviate the added burden of government cost-shifting
  8. You address the special needs of some employees with coverage available without any medical questionnaires to complete
  9. You will have access to services like counseling referral programs that help employees deal with issues stemming from work or home
  10. You will get peace of mind in knowing that both you, your employees and their families are well taken care of

If the idea of a employee benefits plan interests you, our team would be more than happy to offer our services. As financial advisors, we will be able to evaluate your company’s needs and help recommend a cost effective, sensible plan for you and your employees.

Group Employee Benefits Brochure

Group Benefits BrochureContact us for your copy of our group benefits brochure. Learn about our process, our group benefits team and more!

Request a Group Benefit Quote online from our group employee benefit specialists or please contact us at 416-490-1974 ext. 1022 for more information on group benefits.

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