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Life Insurance for a non-resident in Canada

Life Insurance For Non ImmigrantsIn Canada it is difficult to get life insurance coverage if you are not a Canadian resident or Citizen. Assumption Life however has a solution, you may be eligible to get life insurance coverage up to $500,000*.

Available Products

Non-residents are eligible to apply for five of Assumptions products. FlexTerm, FlexOptions, ParPlus, Golden Protection and Total Protection. The products can serve to cover a variety of needs for individuals and their families.

After Wedding Plans

When you plan a wedding you put a lot of time and effort into it but leading up to the big day you may not have given much thought to you your finances. Once the wedding is done your planning and budgeting shouldn’t end there. You will now need to focus on the future financial health of your relationship.

Sickle Cell, Life Insurance Options

I strongly believe that everyone should have life insurance. Many people feel that life insurance is for the unhealthy but the fact is life insurance is really for the healthy (you need to apply while healthy). When you become diagnosed with something that affects your health, the rates for life insurance can become substantially higher, that is if you can even qualify for life insurance at all.

Is it Time to Invest in Life Insurance?

Life Insurance products may be changing in the near future.

Protect with Life InsuranceThere is one theme that I keep hearing when life insurance carrier wholesalers visit me. That is that Life Insurance Policies as we know them today may not be around in a few years. The insurance industries landscape may look very different. With regulatory pressures and market conditions it seems these changes are inevitable.

Should you add the Waiver of Premium option on a Life Insurance Policy?

When reviewing files of new clients, I notice that many of their existing life insurance polices in many cases do not have a waiver of premium option as a rider in place. Most insurance companies can provide this benefit on life insurance policies for a minimal amount and should really be considered when applying for life insurance coverage.

Universal Life Insurance to fund a Buy/Sell agreement

Universal Life Insurance QuotesOne of the biggest difficulties faced by a privately-held corporation is the death of one of the shareholders. The loss of a key shareholder can negatively affect the ongoing viability of your business if immediate steps are not taken to reassure creditors, employees, suppliers and investors. This makes business succession planning so important. One of the more cost-effective tools used by business owners is a Buy/Sell agreement, funded by a Universal Life policy.
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