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Ten Reasons to join your Companies Group RRSP plan

Here are some good reasons why you may want to consider joining your Group RRSP plan at work;

  1. Immediate Tax Savings: Enjoy tax savings throughout the year.
  2. Low Cost: No set-up fee. No administration fee. No trustee fee. No termination fee. Just the regular fees for the purchase and management of your funds.
  3. A Disciplined, Practical Savings Plan: Regular payroll deductions allow you to benefit from dollar-cost averaging.
  4. A Customized Plan: Together with your investment advisor, you can design a plan to suit your earnings and investment objectives.
  5. Professional Investment Advice: Gain peace of mind through the services of a dedicated investment professional who is focused on your long-term objectives.
  6. Tax-Free Compounding: Enjoy tax-free growth of your investments through interest, dividends and capital gains.
  7. Low Minimum to Join: You can contribute as little as $25 per pay and make lump-sum contributions at any time.
  8. Investment is Easily Transferable: You can transfer your Group RSP from one company’s plan to another.
  9. Spousal RSPs are Eligible: You can contribute to a Group RSP in your spouse’s name.
  10. A Wide Choice of Investments: We offer choices of several funds that span a wide range of investment categories.
If you are a business owner please contact to see how you can set up a group RRSP plan for your employees at no cost and also consider a group benefits program to help attract and retain employees.

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