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Super Visa Insurance | Parents and Grandparents Visiting Canada

Super Visa Insurance

What is a Super Visa?

As of December 2, 2011 Canadians may be eligible to apply for a parent or grandparent’s “Super Visa”. The Super Visa is a new option for those visiting Canada without the need to renew their status for up to two years.

Previously, wait times for parental sponsorship applications took up to eight years to process, now with the new Super Visa, parents and grandparents can be reunited with their families within 8 weeks.

The Super Visa is valid for up to 10 years and the family member can stay up to 24 months at a time. When applying for this visa, there are many factors that a visa officer will look at such as the person’s purpose of visit and the person’s family and financial position. In addition the parent or grandparent must also provide other requirements such as a complete medical exam and to provide Canadian medical coverage.

Super Visa Insurance

When traveling to Canada, the government does not pay for hospital or medical services for visitors. To be granted a Super Visitor Visa it is one of the requirements to have Super Visa Insurance coverage of a minimum of $100,000 in place for at least one year to cover any medical costs.

Applying for coverage couldn’t be simpler; you can get a quote and apply online for Super Visa Insurance with Manulife.

Step 1 - Choose your plan for Super Visa Insurance

 Go to

a) Click on the “Visitors to Canada Plans” tab.
b) Click on the Visitors to Canada Single-Trip Emergency Medical” bullet.
c)Select your parents/grandparents’ “country of residence” from the drop-down menu.

Choose your Super Visa Travel Insurance Plan

Step 2 - Arrival Date for Super Visa Insurance

a) Enter the arrival date, effective date and expiry date for your parents/grandparents.
b) Enter coverage type and date of birth of the applicant.

Super Visa Travel Insurance Coverage

Step 3 - Select the plan for Super Visa Insurance

a) Select plan, coverage level of $100,000 or $150,000 and the deductible amount.
b) You have the option to choose trip interruption coverage or trip accident coverage.
c) Enter the primary province of residence in Canada

Super Visa Additional Options

Step 4 - Complete the transaction for Super Visa Insurance

Quote will appear and you can complete the sales transaction.

Super Visa Insurance Transaction

What if my Visa is rejected?

If your visa is rejected you can apply for a full refund of premiums with Manulife. You will need to cancel the insurance prior to the effective date and provide the rejection letter.

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Neil Lecky

Neil Lecky

Neil Lecky is a Life Insurance Advisor, Group Employee Benefit Specialist and an Investment Funds Advisor with Alliance Financial Group.

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  • Sofia Heather

    Sofia Heather

    07 May 2012 at 03:05 | #

    It feels great to the residents of canada when parents of them visit canada with the help of canada visitor visa.


  • Rose Lee

    Rose Lee

    23 February 2013 at 09:38 | #

    Nice informative post dear. now sharing some useful stuff about Canadian Super Visa for Parents


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