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Foresters Quit Smoking Incentive Plan

As many know being a smoker can be quite costly, especially when it comes to premiums when buying a life insurance policy. Luckily, Foresters Life offers a Familylife Quit Smoking Incentive Plan for those planning to quit.

The way it works is that if you are classified as a smoker and are at least 18 years of age, on this plan Foresters will charge lower premiums for the first two years as if you were not a smoker. To keep the non-smoker after the second certificate anniversary date the insured must meet Foresters definition of a non-smoker at that time.

This incentive program can add up to significant savings that may represent thousands of dollars. For more information on the Familylife plan contact us for an illustration. FamilyLife is permanent life insurance solution. It is a participating whole life policy with lifetime protection with cash accumulation.

Below are some details to consider for the Quit Smoking Incentive:

  • must meet Foresters current definition of non-smoker;
  • must sign the form required by Foresters and provide any other evidence that may be requested to verify the insured meets our definition of non-smoker in effect at that time;
  • attained age must be at least 18 on the date the form is signed; and
  • the form is received by Foresters before the second certificate anniversary.

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