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Empire Life's Class Plus

Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life

Empire Life's Class Plus
Class Plus® is an income and investment solution for individuals about to retire, in the early retirement years, or investing for retirement. Empire Life has designed Class Plus to address the most important financial issues you face in your retirement years.
Do you want to be worrying about market downturns, having enough funds to support your lifestyle, or outliving your money?

With Class Plus, you can enjoy your retirement years instead of worrying about your investments and income.

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Class Plus® deposits in before December 30 are eligible for the full 5% Income Base Bonus*!

Deposits to Class Plus made before 4 p.m. on December 30, 2011, will be eligible for the full 5% Income Base Bonus, provided no withdrawals have been made from the Contract. The Income Base Bonus is not prorated!

*The 5% annual Income Base Bonus is not a guaranteed rate of return, has no cash value, and is not available for withdrawal

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