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Is it Time to Invest in Life Insurance?

Life Insurance products may be changing in the near future.

Protect with Life InsuranceThere is one theme that I keep hearing when life insurance carrier wholesalers visit me. That is that Life Insurance Policies as we know them today may not be around in a few years. The insurance industries landscape may look very different. With regulatory pressures and market conditions it seems these changes are inevitable.

Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Reasons to buy Life Insurance

Premature death is not something that we often think about, but sometimes we need to take time to plan for our future including the future of our loved ones.

We all have reasons why we choose to buy life insurance, most of us do so to protect the standard of living of our families. Life insurance helps to provide protection by providing a tax-free lump sum of funds to our beneficiaries.

Applying for Life Insurance with Diabetes

Diabetes and Life Insurance

One of the many challenges facing a diabetic is when it comes to qualifying for life insurance coverage.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, life insurance policies can become unaffordable or unobtainable. This is because life insurance policies are underwritten by the insurer and they can charge a premium based upon an applicant's health status. In addition, the insurer can choose not to issue the policy based on information from the applicant's health status. One of the major factors in approved premiums is control. How well is the Diabetes under control?

Term Life Insurance vs Permanent Life Insurance

Term Versus Permanent Life Insurance

There are many kinds of life insurance, but they can generally fall into two categories, term insurance and permanent insurance. When comparing the two options you can draw parallels with your food choices, one option may have long term benefits and the other has immediate benefits.  Both options are good depending on what your short term and long term goals are.

It can be a time consuming undertaking, but if you have children or other dependents, life insurance should be of utmost importance. Few who have bought life insurance have been able to avoid the debate over term vs. permanent insurance. The wrong type of coverage can have an impact on your financial plans.

Why choose Empire Life for your Term Insurance coverage?

Empire Life Insurance SolutionYou may have already completed a life insurance needs analysis and determined how much coverage you need, but do you know how to pay for it? Your temporary needs may become permanent, but the cost of coverage may seem too high right now. So what do you do?

Empire Life has a solution that takes the worry out of having to choose which type of life insurance to apply for.

Empire Life Solution 10 & Solution 20 looks like and is priced like term life insurance, but the plans provide coverage for life.

Super Visa Insurance | Parents and Grandparents Visiting Canada

Super Visa Insurance

What is a Super Visa?

As of December 2, 2011 Canadians may be eligible to apply for a parent or grandparent’s “Super Visa”. The Super Visa is a new option for those visiting Canada without the need to renew their status for up to two years.

Previously, wait times for parental sponsorship applications took up to eight years to process, now with the new Super Visa, parents and grandparents can be reunited with their families within 8 weeks.

Should you add the Waiver of Premium option on a Life Insurance Policy?

When reviewing files of new clients, I notice that many of their existing life insurance polices in many cases do not have a waiver of premium option as a rider in place. Most insurance companies can provide this benefit on life insurance policies for a minimal amount and should really be considered when applying for life insurance coverage.

No Medical Life Insurance | Golden Protection

No needles, no blood test, no doctors, no medical exam required!

As you probably know, life insurance is important to help your loved ones cope with the financial obligations that arise following your untimely death. However, you may find the selection process for life insurance to be long and arduous. We have a solution that might interest you.

No Medical Life Insurance

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