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Time to Invest in Long Term Care Insurance

Did you know that 50% of those aged 65 and over will require long-term care in their lifetime* and many will receive their initial care at home and later in a facility.

Psychological impacts of the care, loss of dignity and stress will change the lives of your family and loved ones forever.

Who will take care of you at home?

Protect your Credit

Good credit is valuable. Having the ability to borrow funds allows us to buy things we would otherwise have to save for years to afford: homes, cars, a college education. Credit is an important financial tool, but it can also be dangerous, leading people into debt far beyond their ability to repay. That is why learning how to use credit wisely is one of the most valuable financial skills anyone can learn. Begin by opening individual savings and checking accounts in your name.

Empire Life's Class Plus

Guaranteed Retirement Income for Life

Class Plus® is an income and investment solution for individuals about to retire, in the early retirement years, or investing for retirement. Empire Life has designed Class Plus to address the most important financial issues you face in your retirement years.

Segregated Fund Benefits

Are you a conservative investor who is tired of seeing the returns generated by GIC’s reduced by inflation and taxes? Or are you a small business owner who wants to make sure your personal savings remain protected in the event of bankruptcy? Perhaps you are in poor health and want to make sure your savings are there for your loved ones should you pass on. In all of these cases, you could benefit from investing in Segregated funds this RRSP season.

Stressed Out?

Investments StressIt seems as if it is next to impossible not to be stressed in today’s world. With the state of the economy, plummeting valuation of our investment portfolios and job loss, most of us do not have to think too hard for a reason to be stressed. Stress is simply a fact of nature—forces from the outside world affecting the individual. Although we normally associate stress with negative events, stress comes from both the negative and the positive things that happen to us.

Stress becomes a problem when we are not sure how to handle an event or a situation. Then worry sets in, and we feel "stressed." Our reaction to stress can affect our mental and physical health; so it is important for us to learn how to deal effectively with stress as it occurs. When we find an event stressful, our bodies undergoes a series of changes, called the stress response. There are three stages to this response. First our bodies’ releases adrenaline, which makes our hearts beat faster, and we start to breathe more quickly. Then our bodies’ begins to release stored sugars and fats from its resources. At this stage, you will feel driven, pressured and tired. As a result, the body's need for energy will become greater than its ability to produce it, and we will become chronically stressed.

Universal Life Insurance to fund a Buy/Sell agreement

Universal Life Insurance QuotesOne of the biggest difficulties faced by a privately-held corporation is the death of one of the shareholders. The loss of a key shareholder can negatively affect the ongoing viability of your business if immediate steps are not taken to reassure creditors, employees, suppliers and investors. This makes business succession planning so important. One of the more cost-effective tools used by business owners is a Buy/Sell agreement, funded by a Universal Life policy.

Do you have a UK Corporate Pension Plan?

For those of you (Canadian Residents) that have a UK corporate pension from when you were UK residents, we have a solution for you to move your money to Canada. Qualified Registered Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) can now be transferred to Canadian companies that have been approved as eligible QROPS institutions.
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