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Sickle Cell, Life Insurance Options

I strongly believe that everyone should have life insurance. Many people feel that life insurance is for the unhealthy but the fact is life insurance is really for the healthy (you need to apply while healthy). When you become diagnosed with something that affects your health, the rates for life insurance can become substantially higher, that is if you can even qualify for life insurance at all.

Is it worth it to back date your life insurance policy?

Often times when a quote is received by a client it shows that the age quoted is one year older than the person’s actual age. This is because insurance companies use your nearest age rather than your actual age to calculate premiums. That means that if your birthday is within the next 6 months, in the eyes of insurance companies you are a year older.

Is it Time to Invest in Life Insurance?

Life Insurance products may be changing in the near future.

Protect with Life InsuranceThere is one theme that I keep hearing when life insurance carrier wholesalers visit me. That is that Life Insurance Policies as we know them today may not be around in a few years. The insurance industries landscape may look very different. With regulatory pressures and market conditions it seems these changes are inevitable.

Make debt-freedom a part of your vision for retirement

What do you think of when you think about a “successful retirement”? Travel? The Spa? Golfing? Time spend with friends and family? For most Canadians, part of that vision involves being debt-free. Manulife Bank conducted a survey recently and found that nearly nine in 10 homeowners list being debt-free as very important to their vision for a successful retirement. This was right behind “good health” and about the same as “having sufficient retirement income”.

Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Reasons to buy Life Insurance

Premature death is not something that we often think about, but sometimes we need to take time to plan for our future including the future of our loved ones.

We all have reasons why we choose to buy life insurance, most of us do so to protect the standard of living of our families. Life insurance helps to provide protection by providing a tax-free lump sum of funds to our beneficiaries.

Applying for Life Insurance with Diabetes

Diabetes and Life Insurance

One of the many challenges facing a diabetic is when it comes to qualifying for life insurance coverage.

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, life insurance policies can become unaffordable or unobtainable. This is because life insurance policies are underwritten by the insurer and they can charge a premium based upon an applicant's health status. In addition, the insurer can choose not to issue the policy based on information from the applicant's health status. One of the major factors in approved premiums is control. How well is the Diabetes under control?

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