Liabilities and Cash Needs
 Loans and other debts
 Final expenses (burial, taxes, probate, lawyer fees)
 Education Fund ($ x yrs. x children)
 Child/Home care ($ x yrs. x dependents) *
 Other cash needs (emergency fund, bequests, etc.)
 Total liabilities and cash needs *
Amount of money needed to provide income
 Gross annual income needed
   Partner's income
   Annual CPP/QPP benefits
 Gross annual income available *
 Annual income shortage/surplus *
 Assumed rate of return (adjust for inflation, if desired) %
 Amount of money needed to meet income shortage *
Total amount of money required *

Assets (usable by family/partner)
 Cash assets (savings, T_bills, CSBs, etc.)
 Stocks, bonds or funds
 Principal residence
 Real Estate
 Total life Insurance (group, personal, mortgage, credit)
 Business/farm assets
 CPP/QPP death benefit
 Other assets (e.g. pension plan death benefit)
 Total amount available *
Total new amount required *